Humans are usually flexible enough to adapt and cope with various situations. A key aspect of this ability is their self-awareness of what wthey know and do not know, which provides a strong foundation for learning. In addition, asking good questions to gain knowledge or resolve uncertainty is a powerful tool for improving personal intellectual ability. On the other hand, robots and artificial intelligence (AI) agents cannot distinguish between what they know and what they do not know, so they do not deal with unlearned or unfamiliar situations. To address this issue, several studies have been conducted in recent years. These studies show that AI agents can respond effectively to unknown situations if they understand the uncertainty and can learn by human interactions, such as asking questions.

This workshop aims to bring together leading experts from diverse fields, including vision, language, and embodied AI, to share their insights on current research trends and engage in meaningful discussions about the future challenges in "Learning by Asking". The workshop will consist of contributed talks, contributed posters, invited talks, and panelist on a wide variety of novel vision and language methods and robot applications

Please note that the purpose of this workshop is to bring researchers together to demonstrate and discuss interesting topics of our concern, and the accepted papers will be posted on the workshop website and will not appear in the IEEE-ROMAN proceedings. Presenting papers at this workshop does not affect you to submit your work to other venues.

Important Dates (Time: Pacific Standard Time (PST))

Paper Submission Deadline

July 21st, 2023

Notification of Acceptance

July 31st, 2023

Workshop Date

August 28th, 2023